Fatty Acid Ethoxylate

Physical & Technical Data

RHU CHEM  manufacture's fatty acid ethoxylates from all available fatty acids from 2 EO Mole – 50 Moles based on customers requirement and offer a benefit of tailor made moles and products to meet their very specific requirement of parameters.

Fatty Acid Ethoxylates find application in textile formulation, pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing of spin finishes.


  • RHUCHEM SEA series based on Stearic Acid Ethoxylate
  • RHUCHEM LEA series based on Lauric Acid Ethoxylate
  • RHUCHEM OEA series based on Oleic Acid Ethoxylate
  • RHUCHEM MEA series based on Myristic Acid Ethoxylate
  • RHUCHEM SBA series based on Soya Bean Fatty Acid Ethoxylate
  • RHUCHEM CEA series based on Coco Fatty Acid Ethoxylate


Fatty Acid Ethoxylates Application.


RHU CHEM-SEA are generally used as emulsifiers in oil-in-water type creams and lotions. Their hydrophilicity or lipophilicity depends on the number of ethylene oxide units present; the larger the number, the greater the hydrophilic properties. RHU CHEM-SEA-40 has also been used as an emulsifying agent in intravenous infusions.

RHU CHEM-SEA are particularly useful as emulsifying agents when astringent salts or other strong electrolytes are present.

They can also be blended with other surfactants to obtain any hydrophilic-lipophilic balance for lotions or ointment formulations.

Use Concentration
Auxiliary emulsifier for o/w intravenous fat emulsion 0.5-5
Emulsifier for o/w creams or lotions 0.5-10
Ophthalmic ointment 7
Suppository component 1-10
Tablet lubricant 1-2