Texo-Print KBI


Texo-Print KBI is Anti-frothing, wetting and Penetrating agent in printing.
  • It’s is a best Print paste addictive for disperse Vat, Acid and Reactive dyes.
  • It exhibits wetting and penetrating properties. Also it reduces frothing and gives level print.
  • It increases the penetration on hydrophobic components.

Texo-Bright 360


Texo-Bright 360 developed single bath addictive for printing to maintain PH and gives Bright, Sharp with Level Print.
  • Its maintain PH during whole process, also it ensures good reproducibility & permits the reduction in fixation time.
  • It gives better coverage and colour yield when added to printing paste.
  • It Removes air gap in gum paste and make it smooth.
  • It also increases brightness & solidity of shade.
  • It gives back side powerful printing and saves inventory because of single additive product.
  • It has no adverse effect on fastness like washing, rubbing etc

Poly Bright-V


Special bath Printing additive, when added to printing paste gives better penetration, leveling, solidity & brightness of dye on fabric.
  • It is added to printing paste.
  • It work as levelling & dispersing agent, also gives reproducible result and gives low forming.
  •  It is excellent carriers for vigorax printing of Polyester & Polyamide.
  • It also cut as levelling & dispersing agent on printing of acid & pre-metallised dyes on nylon.
  • It also serves as fixation accelerator in continuous dyeing of wool & polyamide fiber.

Eco-Print 999


Printing addictive to improve depth & brightness of disperse dyes when added to printing paste.
  • It improves Colour yield when added to the printing paste, also it works as levelling agent to give sharp print.
  • It gives higher fixation at relatively low temperature hence saving time and energy.
  • It gives reproducible result and removes air gaps from the printing paste.
  • It can work in any printing machine used for fixation like Loop-Ager, pressure steamer etc.
  • It is added in the printing paste along with colour to improve strength, solidity & brightness.