Silco-Deformer RT


Specialized Deformer to kill form during processing.
  • Used in Polyester dyeing to kill the foam and restrain form.
  • Used in Jet dyeing and Vat dying.
  • Does not affect the brightness and fastness of dyes. 



Specialized Chemical To Maintain PH During Dyeing Process.
  • It Acts As Sequestering Agent Which Subtracts The Use Of Acid, Salt Or Special Dispersants.
  • Used In Dyeing Of Polyester/Cellulosic Polyester / Viscous Or Any Other Blends Of Polyester.
  • It Keeps Constant PH During The Whole Cycle.
  • It Is Used In Any Dyeing Machine And Easy To Handle.



Specialized leveling agent for disperse dyes on polyester.
  • It’s substantive to dyes and extremely effective as levelling agent on polyester and their blends.
  • It can be used in beam dyeing, jet dyeing and thermosol dyeing.
  • It can be used as striping agent when used in higher dosage.
  • It increase dispersing properties of disperse dyes and enhance stability of the dye bath during disperse dyeing.