About Us

Rhushabh Chemicals, found in early nineties was started with an aim to modernize the textile market of Surat by bringing color to consumer styles. In January 1992, Rhushabh Chemicals started production unit of textile chemicals such as dyes and auxiliaries in Ahmedabad which helps to enhance the quality of textile clothes in dyeing and printing units of Surat.


Since past two decades Rhushabh Chemicals sells 1200 MT/annum of auxiliaries, dyes & pigments in western India, also the company has expanded its market in Northern and Southern regions of India; with that having a total annual turnover of 2000 MT.


After a humble beginning in the textile city of India, Rhushabh Chemicals laid the foundation of Rhushabh Exports in 2015 which has grown into a multi-faceted, multi product organization. Due to our dynamic marketing, high morals, service and high standards of quality concerns, we have been growing at a rapid pace and we aim to remain on that path by promising great customer service, building ever lasting relationships and delivering quality products in a timely manner.

Social Responsibilities

Our Company owner with his vision to upscale the community dedicates his 35% to 40% of Annual Income in social activities and community development programs. Following his vision he contributed and developed a Religious Community Centre where free education is provided to children and all basic amenities is provided to the staff members and their families. Also several upliftment programs take place every year in order to spread the lesson of humanity.

Executive Profiles

Late:Dineshchandra Kamdar

Dineshchandra Nathalal Kamdar has started trading business of commodity in 1958 in orissa & done it up to 1978 than started trading activity in Ahmedabad.

Mr. Rajesh Kamdar
CEO / Proprietor

Started his journey in 1984 with trading business in Ahmedabad, Mr. Rajesh shifted to Surat in 1987. In Surat, he established Rhushabh Chemicals for trading of imported dyes & auxiliaries which lead him to start his own manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad in 1992. Since then Rhushabh Chemicals is advancing in leaps and bounds under his thoughtful leadership.

Mr. Bharat Kamdar
Director (Administration)

Started his journey with trading of coal, lignite & charcoal in 1979 which continued with coal transportation business for ‘Birla Cement’. Then he also joined Mr. Rajesh in chemical business as it developed from trading to manufacturing company in 1992. Since then he is the back strength of administration and manufacturing for Rhushabh Chemicals’ unit in Ahmedabad.

Mr. Mayur Shah
Director (Technical)

Worked as a research & development chemist in Arvind group (Arvind polycot) Narottam Lalbhai research Centre for ten years from 1985 to 1995, Mr. Mayur joined Rhushabh Chemicals as a technical director. Presently looking after quality control in production, research & development activities and providing technical services to the buyer & supplier.

Mr. Rhushabh Kamdar
Director (Business Development)

Graduated with Bachelor of Engineering in IT, Mr. Rushabh continued the family legacy and joined Rhushabh Chemicals in 2015. He has been former CEO of AIESEC in Surat Chapter which is an international nonprofit organization that provides young people with leadership opportunities. Being a travel enthusiast, Mr Rushabh has visited more than 15 countries to expand the market reach of Rhushabh Chemicals and transform it into a global entity.